‘An elephant in the room’ is an English-language metaphorical idiom for an obvious problem no one wants to discuss, or a condition no one wants to challenge. This phrase has coined the main objective of the Silent Elephant Project (SEP) – Giving marginalised life limiting and long-term health conditions a platform, through creative and interactive projects. 

The Why?

There is a simple but complex positive connection between being creative and living with a health condition that brings about recovery not only from a physical health perspective but also from a mental health view point. This is what SEP continuously investigates. By using creative digital media, we are building cases for this connection whilst raising the awareness of health conditions that impact our communities.


Both the Founder/CEO (Babz) and Director (Kondwani) of Freshrb have first-hand lived experiences of this positive connection between being creative and living with/recovering from life limiting health conditions. With these experience, the SEP approach to using creative digital media was founded in 2017 in conjunction with the Experiential Learning Cycle (Kolb, 1984).

From this point, a number of case studies have proven that there is a connection, however research is ongoing to concretely articulate this fact.

How Do We Do It?

SEP is a very unique project because at the heart of every media production is our mission which is - bridging research with engagement, teaching media skills and reducing loneliness in the lives of selected community groups


Every project delivery includes the training of young creatives in using media to build engagement with a health condition. It also includes people with lived experiences to take part in influencing the projects ensuring that all of our end productions reflect real case studies from a health perspective. This delivery approach can be seen in our SEP workshops.

At the end, showcasing of the project acts as a stimulant for further conversation and community dialogue.

SEP Portfolio

SEP investigates a whole range of marginalised health conditions through the media channels below. Have a look at the previous projects we have produced: 

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