FreshRB Academy

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'An Academy With A Cause'

FreshRB Academy is rooted on the cause that every individual from a young age has an innate creative skill that is to be harnessed and translated into social good in the lives of others on a regional, national and/or international scale. 

As an academy we are intentional about creating courses and workshops that are imbedded in a cause. From raising awareness of social issues to giving people an avenue to grow in their creative identity, FreshRB Academy delivers courses and resources that act as initial guides for these talents to grow. Creativity is a gift given to us as a generation to steward, and FreshRB Academy has identified the importance of every individual growing in their creativity with a social mission which in return will impact the community in a positive way.

This online platform lists a few courses and resources FreshRB Academy delivers, packaged as an a online format for you to benefit from and grow in your creative identity. As demand for more courses are generated for this online platform, more resources will be made available.

We look forward to seeing you on the inside and seeing you grow as you excel in your creativity embedded in a cause.

FreshRB Academy - 'An Academy with A Cause'.

Host A Guided Screening

Video Production Workshop (VPW)

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Social Enterprise Workshop (SEW)

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