Silent Elephant Project : Short Film Workshops

What is the SEP: Short Film Workshop?

Silent Elephant Project is an accredited short film workshop for students/participants, that investigates and raises the awareness of marginalised health issues that affect our communities. These are health issues that rarely get a platform or get discussed in public.


By creating fictional storylines to raise awareness for factual subject health matters, we build engagement with the participants and the general public creating an environment for further conversations/dialogue and research. We also teach media and project management skills whilst giving participants an insight into social entrepreneurism and what it means to use video production for social good.

Mobile Workshops

These are mobile workshops that run for 14 session at any location.

Five Pillars of SEP

  • Relationship

  • Connection

  • Recognition

  • Purpose 

  • Community Cohesion

ASDAN Expressive Arts Short Course

Freshrb C.I.C. is a registered ASDAN Centre and with these workshops, ASDAN credits can be achieved.

SEP Objectives

  • Raise Awareness

  • Build Engagement

  • Teach Media Skills

  • Reduce Loneliness

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