Silent Elephant Project


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Silent Elephant Project (SEP) Origin

‘An elephant in the room’ is an English-language metaphorical idiom for an obvious problem no one wants to discuss, or a condition no one wants to challenge. This phrase has coined the main objective of the Silent Elephant Project Giving marginalised medical/mental health themes that impact our communities a platform, through creative and interactive short film projects. 

Both directors of Freshrb C.I.C who are involved in managing these workshops were diagnosed with cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome respectively at young ages, conditions that not only affected their physical health but also their mental health. These conditions happened suddenly, creating situations they had to adapt to without extensive prior knowledge of them. Off the back of their ordeals, they have worked rigorously alongside charities and supporting organisations, in establishing an innovative project that has already proven to help young people engage with previous health research whilst improving transferable skills that are relevant in the 21st century. To view a sample of an impact report from previous SEP projects, please send us an email at

How do we do this?

We create fictional short films with a community group (e.g. young people, cancer survivors, elderly, etc.) to raise awareness for factual subject matters that can relate to health and mental wellbeing. These short film projects go through 4 stages which are Pre Production, Production, Post Production and Screening. All stages permit the workshop recruits to be engaged at all levels of production from script writing, storyboarding, location scouting, filming and editing of the short film. We see that the interactivity not only creates a different level of response with research but also develops/ignites interests into subject matters relating to health and mental well being.

SEP OBJECTIVE - Engaging people with interactive short film projects that Raise Awareness, Encourage Research, Reduce Loneliness and Promote Health/Wellbeing.


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SEP In Your Community And School

SEP delivers modules of the ASDAN Expressive Arts Short Course that can be brought into schools and specific communities that want to tackle loneliness, raising awareness for a great cause and improving skills in media. This project has been carefully constructed in line with the PSHE curriculum providing resources/activities that optimise engagement with students, young people and communities through these Interactive Short Film Projects. This means that the completion of these workshops can lead to an ASDAN accreditation.

Below are the key outcomes that are derived from each stage of production on this project -

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We love to bring this innovative interactive workshop into your community and school. If you would like to receive our package brochures/have more information please send us an email - or click the button below to request your brochure.

This project has been carefully constructed in line with the PSHE curriculum providing resources/activities that optimise engagement with students/young people through a medium that is relevant in the 21st century


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