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This ongoing project has originated from the impact of Covid-19 and how it has highlighted and exacerbated significant differences in the way 'minority' ethnic individuals interact with health care service providers as oppose to the general white population here in Manchester, UK. Specifically in the context of the up take of the 'Covid-19' vaccinations. If we do not focus our efforts on learning more about our 'minority' ethnic communities and address their needs, we are not enabling equal access to the best possible health care and we are inhibiting the ability for every person within our Neighbourhood to live healthily and thrive to the fullest extent.

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The ultimate goal of the Project is to learn more about minority ethnic communities within our Neighbourhood in order for service providers to create a more inclusive approach to the provision of services. 

How Do We Do It?

We are using a range of creative and digital tools to curate and gather information that will allow us to build a full picture and scope of the way minority ethnic groups approach health care provisions, looking at the context of Covid-19.

These tools are also geared to build interaction and stimulate engagement with the general public on health care and health themes. The tangible outcome are for actionable changes or modifications to be made to service providers deliverables and offering at a neighbourhood level.

The tools we are using are:

  • Focus groups 

  • Podcasts Recordings

  • Short Documentaries

  • Reports 

  • Summit Events

The uniques aspect of this process is that every tool, media production and creative vision is generated from the local community the research is being done. And this is why it is called 'Neighbourhood Media Connects Health.'

Current Neighbourhood

Crowd with Masks

Higher Blackley, Charlestown and Harpurhey 

NeMCoH Portfolio

Below is the ongoing portfolios for the NeMCoH project findings for the Current Neighbourhood.

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