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Looking to leverage a Manchester based Digital Media Agency to support your Comms Team? Maybe you'd like to add to your workforce? or support your in house creative team? Freshrb's versatile services in video production, creative design, podcast production and creative consultation is your one stop shop.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our delivery from pre-production to post-production, with the added social value we bring, that changes lives across the UK.

When you use our services, you add to the social value of supporting people living with life limiting health conditions. Every pound you spend with us, goes back directly into giving people with life limiting health conditions the opportunity “To work, be creative, be of impact and be heard”

We look forward to working with you & hearing about the ideas you want to collaboratively bring to life.

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Video Production
creative E-design
Podcast Production

Video Production

With 12+ years of video production experience, our creative and talented team can take your concept, your community impacting ideas, brands and messages to your targeted audience. 

Each video project gets access to our full range of video production services which includes; planning, script writing, filming and editing. From large organisations to small businesses, we take pride on producing top quality and highly creative video content that you can be proud of.


Here is a selection of our portfolio of work in video production.

Creative E-Design


From a brand logo to an event E-Flyer design, our in house team have the expertise to bring your ideas to life through our creative design. Whether you are looking to create a brand identity from scratch, revamp the one you have, our team takes you through the journey from concept to final design. We will provide creative assets suitable to your project and target audience.

Each design project gets our full range of creative design services, which include planning, audience understanding, design and revisions. From a ‘sure concept’ to an uncertain idea, we are happy to journey with you until you're happy with your final design asset.


Here are some examples of our previous design work.


Podcast Production


We help brands, companies and individuals record and produce podcasts that can build engagement with their ongoing or new audiences. In a world of noise, we walk you through the journey of creating content for your own niche audience and producing quality podcasts that will engage with them.

Each podcast project gets the full range of our podcast production services which include planning, script writing, recording, editing and mastering.

Have a listen to our own podcast productions for inspiration around what your's can sounds like.

360° Media Campaign


If you are looking to start an Awareness Campaign, Social Movement or Community Project and require creative content to engage with your audience, this is the perfect tool kit to get the ball rolling. From our 12+ years of engaging with communities, the 360° campaign content production provides you with the right digital assets that bring continuity across all platforms for your project.


As a multifaceted team, we all collaborate in providing you with a uniform/branded collective of digital assets which can feature video content, creative design (e.g flyer designs, logos, social media content, etc) and podcast production content to engage with your intended audience.

Each 360° campaign content production get the full scope of our creative services in video, creative design and podcast production. 


Media Led ‘Design Thinking’ Research

‘Design Thinking’ is a process for solving problems by prioritising the consumer’s, audiences and communities' needs above all else. And so we use media as a tool to facilitate this process for research companies and organisations. The added value to this approach is the co-designed and co-produced practice we employ when embarking on a project.

This process gets full access to all our creative services with the view of selecting which media channels apply to the project in question. 

An example of a media led ‘Design Thinking’ research project can be found here.



We believe that skill transfer is one of the bedrocks for a vibrant community and society.


What we know is that, being creative acts as a double edged sword. It empowers and facilitates an environment to increase employable skills in this digital age whilst also being therapeutic in its process.


That being said we use our expertise in Video Production, Podcast Production and Creative Design to build up our community and in the long run play our role in developing a population of highly skilled digital experts. Our learning programs are accessible by all ages and are mobile for you, your school, your group or your workforce.

Have a look at our Freshrb Academy Page to find out more on our learning programmes. 

Design Thinking
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