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Film Production Resources

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An overview of the whole Production Process. This is a summary of the steps it takes to make a film – from script to screen!

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Plan it
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Think of an idea / story or health subject matter that you think would make a interesting film, eg:

- A health condition
- An interesting person you know
- A news story you’ve heard
- An idea you’ve thought of

Write the script. Plan questions for your interview. Storyboard (optional). Shot List (there are plenty of templates you can find online)

Basic Equipment List: camera + microphone + computer. And make sure you know how to use them before you start filming

Shoot it
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Remember your shot composition rules

Make sure you’ve got enough lighting for your scene

Make sure you’re able to stabilise your footage

Remember to record extra footage (B-Roll)Separate shots relevant to your story that will enrich your film. And will also help when you’re editing

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Make sure everything in the frame is there for a reason.

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Record in a quiet room with minimal background noise. Listen out for the hums of fridges, fans, busy roads, etc. - this will all be picked up by the microphone.

Make sure the microphone is as close as possible to the person speaking (without getting in the frame)

Don’t forget to record “Room Tone” – 30seconds of the room with no-one speaking (this will help you blend the audio when editing)

If you can, use a separate device to record sound

Once you’re happy, press record!

Cut it
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Draw in all of the footage / audio / images onto the it for the project

Cut out bits not needed. Move segments around to build your story as you wish

If recorded separately, match up the dialogue to the pictures. Add room tone if needed to smooth out the cuts between the dialogue.

Add B-roll, music, images, graphics/captions, titles as needed


Record and include voiceover if required (e.g: if you’re making a documentary)

Remember to refer back to your script / storyboard / initial plan if you get stuck


Remember to save your project at regular intervals!

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Show it
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Now that you’ve made your film, it’s important to show it! Private screening for your friends and family. And don’t forget to show the film to the people who helped you make the film!

Submit to local film festivals – this is also a good place to connect with other filmmakers and collaborators.

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